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8th May 2011

ArchiveSMTP v1.2RC is now available for download. This version contains a number of changes to increase portability between systems and will now compile against most older libmilters and should also now compile without alteration on Solaris. Please note however that running with older libraries has not been tested extensively and bugs in those libraries may cause some features to break. The following additional features are now included:

  • -l logfile switch redirects most messages to the given log file.
  • -b switch causes the process to go into the background by calling daemon().
  • The Pipe rule action now checks the exit status of the pipe and logs an error on non-zero exits.
This is the release candidate, so testing and reporting of any bugs is greatly appreciated!

25th November 2010

We have identified a race condition present in all previous releases of ArchiveSMTP which could result in a segmentation fault (or in very rare cases some other undefined behaviour) on multi-core systems when using the ALLTO token in a rule action. We have released v1.1.4 to address this issue. Only configurations using the ALLTO token are affected by this bug. This will be the final release in the 1.1 branch and the the first release of 1.2 should be out soon, containing user submitted features, greater portability and compatibility.

4th July 2010

A bug in the milter library prior to versions 1.0.1, which is part of sendmail releases prior to version 8.14.3 has been identified as causing unpredictable and erroneous behaviour in ArchiveSMTP. To address this bug we have released ArchiveSMTP v1.1.b2, which will now check the library version and use a work around for bugged versions. There is no need to update to this version unless your system is using a libmilter prior to v1.0.1.

6th February 2010

ArchiveSMTP v1.1.b1 is now available for download! While we have performed two months of testing we can't test every possible configuration, so we have marked it as a beta release, however it should be fairly safe. Should you find a bug please report it on the feedback page.

4th February 2010

Pending final code review v1.1 will be released this month.

23rd December 2009

Version 1.1 is undergoing testing for release and will hopefully be available in the very near future. This release will provide all the features we had envisioned originally but which didn't make it into 1.0 along with a few others that people have suggested since the initial release.

8th December 2009

Most of the new features for v1.1 have been implemented, only token substitution remains to be added. In addition to the features mentioned in the previous update we have added the following features:

  • 'Not Matched' rule condition, which evaluates true if no previous rule matched the mail
  • 'Match All' rule condition, which matches everything
  • 'Pipe' rule action, which pipes the output to the specified program
  • Negotiation with MTA over supported features, improving compatibility
Thanks to everyone who submitted suggestions and comments!

18th November 2009

Features slated for next release (v1.1):

  • Negation of rules (e.g. NOT something)
  • Support for multiple actions on rule matching
  • Addition of 'Add Header' and 'Stop' rule actions
  • Token substitution from matched data into rule action strings

9th November 2009

ArchiveSMTP v1.0.b1 is now available for download as source distribution or FreeBSD package. This is a beta release with many improvements to configuration and rules.

27th October 2009

Rule processing and configuration has now been added. The testing phase is nearing completion and pending final code review ArchiveSMTP v1.0 will be released within the next week or two.

6th September 2009

The core application has undergone 6 months testing in a production environment with no bugs detected. Development is now focused on providing a greater scope of configuration options in a format that will be easy to edit and understand. Our first public release should be within the next 2 months.